Saturday, November 20, 2010

New level with 45 new rounds for Angry Birds available in the Android Market

I have recently completed all the levels for Angry Birds in my android phone, except for 2 golden eggs which I was not able to find. Anyway the games in the golden eggs level were not really that challenging, but were rather more for the fun of it to see the pigs in some unusual arrangement. So I was feeling a bit loss with no more new levels, when I saw the update available message in the Android market for Angry Birds on my phone. It requires a manual update as you need to click on the "OK" button in response to a message that says that the upgrade will not erase your data for the previous levels, which was a good thing and also to my relief.

The upgrade will give you a new level with 45 rounds. There is also a new bird available, which looks very much like the original red bird, except that it is bigger, rounder, looks angrier, and is able to knock down stronger structures. There is also a story line for the new level, which tells about the pigs taking revenge by capturing some of the birds and putting them into cages.

I have just started playing the game, and indeed in one of the round there is a "boomerang" parrot in a cage. After clearing the round, the parrot will be highlighted on the screen, very much like when the golden egg is found. In the next round, there is a parrot among my birds. I am guessing that each time you save a bird from the cage, the bird will be added to your group of birds in subsequent rounds. Anyway I have just started on the new level, so I can only confirm this when I am done with more rounds.

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